Unbond now against a 0.1% fee

Would be nice to make something about the unbonding times 7-10 days can feel soo long to unbond our precious liquidity i have thought that we could add the option UNBOND NOW for 0.1% of the total unbond value

(number as example any proposal can be take into consideration)

On that process those fees accumulated could be sent 50% to xMex holder across the actual FeesRewards system distribution depend on energy and the other 50% could be sent to a private wallet use to finance something useful for the ecosystem and for marketing

Let us know about your idea and comment :chart_with_upwards_trend: Slowly than suddenly :bomb:


Hi @erd1yqu7l_jkqd5a03k ,

Are you referring to the unbonding period when unstaking a staked farmed LP?

If the fee is 0.1%, wouldn’t everybody prefer to pay the 0.1% fee?