MVX wallet connections with aggregators

Hi all !

Like more and more people, I use an account aggregation application (bank, stock market, savings and crypto accounts) to track my performance and have a macro-view of my assets.
But these apps obviously do not always have easy access to MultiversX data, which forces us to manually track our purchases and sales even though it is possible to make this automatic.
Do you know if MVX wants to prevent this type of connection? Or a lack of will on their part?
Thanks all

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Hi @erd104z3e_0rsg2jca2 ,

This is a very important topic indeed!

Unfortunately, this is not in the scope of xExchange Agora which is focused on xExchange related conversations. In order to keep the Agora focused, I will have to close this thread.

Please open a new one for any xExchange related discussion. And you can also share your feedback about aggregators in the MultiversX Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @MultiversX

Thank you very much for your understanding :pray:

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