Multiversx Reliability in the Future of Employment

English is not my native language so forgive me for any possible mistake.

  • Some of the biggest issues worldwide for the economy growth in different countries, is the stagnant low income from professionals in some industries, while some big companies keep growing and profiting by taking advantage of their work, those same professionals live their lives without the possibility of investing or potentially leading them to debt in order for them to try to have a better life.

I have a theory for a solution that could potentially impact the growth of $EGLD and at the same time benefit future professionals entering the MultiversX ecosystem by adapting new rules in their contracts for the monthly wages.

  • Imagine having a contract where instead of deducting a certain % amount to our retirement (which is always devalued by inflation), this same % could rotate back to $EGLD to ensure the economy growth of our funds. This would ensure the stability of the ecosystem and at the same time we could be aware of our funds, having 100% transparency.

Example of a contract structure:
(No specific % calculations were made for this example)

75% - The value received for the employee to live his life and pay his bills;

20% - Probably government taxes for them to do theoretically what they are supposed to do (transparency from this funds should become obligatory to avoid government corruption - the same way they want easier way to track their citizens, they cannot forget we are the ones paying taxes for them to have their salaries);

5% - Retirement value deduction directed to $EGLD token for long term, considering the future deflation of the token - (These funds should be protected with stablecoin treasury or in small flexible funds while working as an investment in $EGLD token to ensure they keep growing accordingly with the country inflation in order to ensure the safety and trust of the ecosystem)

This might be a small dream, but i think if studied and applied properly could solve many problems in the future for everyone.
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