Making the vommunity bigger

Why is the community so small. I feel there are less people around than 2 years ago. What have been our biggest mistakes?

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Bear market, that’s all :smiley:

Also adoption is lesser than on other chains but we could debate how the adoption is calculated because it’s actually calculated in terms of wallets and numbers of transactions and projects can heavily bot those metrics by creating thousands if not more wallets and transactions per day just to make their project looks nice.

So bear market hitted hard and many people just stopped talking about crypto that’s all and that’s why many of them left.

Many of my friends and family were all talking about it in 2021 but now i’m with only left with 2 believer like me.

So i would say just be patient and let time do the work for now and when market will regain some momentum and the economic situation is better people will swarm until you heard about crypto in media again.

We’re in a loop :smiley: