ETA on xExchange V3?

I have read the thread , very helpful , I thank you @lucaswillems for it . But now seriously , when will we get a glimpse of the V3 ? Not only words or promises , the community wants numbers like days , weeks , months…We understand the testing part but for heavens sake , we are in June and we don’t have an ETA …The patience of the investors isn’t unlimited and some , I’m afraid , take it for granted .


Hey @victoor , I totally understand your desire of having an ETA. The only thing is that if I give one, people will expect it to be respected (even if it is an estimation time of arrival). So unfortunately I won’t give one. What I can ensure you is that the time is trying its best to finish as soon as possible. All the team is putting its effort towards testing, we have multiple syncs a week regarding this, etc. It will definitely come, and maybe sooner than later, but I can’t to tell more for the moment. When we will be extra-confident of our ability to release at a certain date, we will announce it for sure. Thanks for your understand! :pray: