“Dust remover” like feature for V3


My MIP is, or should be, pretty easy and straight forward. If you haven’t already tought of it for the V3 version on the xExchange, here’s my Proposal :

This feature is just like, for reference, Binance’s one: allow the User to convert all dust/small balances in EGLD/WEGLD/USDC.

Since all people with XMEX are collecting the Fees Rewards acconrdingly to their Energy.
With my Wallet I’m getting this “dust” and I think that being able to Swap in 1 interaction anything that is under the 1$ value would be nice and keep the wallet organised and tidy with no many rows to see when going thorugh it.

Since I propose it, I see it as a nice feat for those who have OCDs on keeping stuff organised/minimalistic.

I haven’t been too techinical as I consider the concept very simple to understand and implement.

PS: Someone in this thread already gave an answer providing example of others having this already built it on the chain, but I was just thinking that is a nice to have directly embedded in the xExchange, maybe without needing to develop this from scratch, any of the existing solutions could be integrated.


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This would be a great feature indeed!

A thread on this subject has already been opened on this Agora, for those who would want to the discussion:

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ok. my experience, dust is just dust. single transaction with every swap, i used original swap/dust cinverter. it is all about the fees. is 0.12$ much? and then same question - is enough 0.12$ much for 0.x$ swap. this probably will be like >10% fee.

in v3 if swaps will be really for free, from this time it make very much sense (for thirs world countries mainly)…which should not be any ofense.

We’re also planning for xDustConverter to enable 0% fees for custom tokens in exchange of a monthly subscription.
At this moment we collect 5% fees, from which more than 50% is given to the referral program.

We would be open for an integration with xExchange, where we offer 0% fees when swapping dust to MEX. More that than, we can think of ways to incentivize users to lock to xMEX, by offering a bonus percentage.