Bug with our PFP and Price discovery still in xExchange?

Hi guys,

It’s been a couple of weeks where i’ve seen this things in xExchange ?

I’m the only one ? Is it a bug (red surlining) ?

Same we still have “Price discovery” in our DEX Assets, i suppose there is still people who have unclaimed tokens, what about those ?

Thanks if anyone know the answer !


Hey @angie44120,

No problem on my side but the technical team will surely find something, @lcswillems.

For the discovery price, you have right, some token are still unclaimed from discovery price SC, Simple Lock SC and also xLaunchpad SC. I don’t know what can be the possibilty here, because imagine being a very occasional user or one who only intends to come back when the charts are greener to see that the tokens he deposited in these SC have disappeared, this wouldn’t necessarily be fair, unlike rewards in xMex where the mechanism stipulates that they have a lifespan of 4 weeks before no longer being claimable. Maybe it’s possible to return the tokens to their owners, whether they are still active or not, they remain their property.

It would be interesting to monitor on-chain data to see whether tokens are still regularly withdrawn in small amount or not. It’s more a question of ethics here, which I think the DAO should discuss soon or later!

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Hello @angie44120 !

Even though the price discovery tab isn’t visible for now, users that still have redeemable tokens from price discovery contracts will see these tokens on se section highlighted by you. Moreover, they will be able to redeem the underlying tokens directly from dashboard.

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Hey @angie44120

The profile picture seems to be a bug! I am forwarding this internally.

Regarding the price discovery section, an option would be not showing it if there is no token in it for the user. I am forwarding this idea internally too.

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