Add MEX farms for "Community" and "Experimental"

can be open the door to new tokens listed on xexchange with peers with $MEX ?


we see the “experimental tokens”, “community” section in farms but nothing is there yet.
Maybe open up the opportunity for them to start their own farm on xExchange by forcing them to block $MEX to reward their community ?

Hi @mexto1dollar !

  • Regarding farms for tokens paired with XMEX, the first step would be to enable the creation of pairs with MEX. This is of course something wanted but need to be worked on.

  • In order to create a farm, the quantity of MEX needs to be given to the farm and so taken out from another farm. How would you determine the amount of MEX to be given to this new farm?

I think that the rewards in $MEX or $XMEX must be supported by the creator of the pool, that is to say those who request liquidity, like on OneDex the creators must put the sum of the rewards when they create their farm for their liquidity pool

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Thanks for the precision! :pray:

Just to be sure, are you saying that the creator of the farm should itself deposit $MEX / $XMEX for the rewards?