Mastering xmex energy

I was thinking about adding strategics in this accumulation game.

Wouldn’t be cool to master energy allocation?

as i understand energy is dispatched in all farms equally even if user doesn’t use it with assets nor liquidity.

I was just thinking that it would be great to take energy allocated and not being used in empty farm to other farms that need more energy.



Hi @souleymaz , all your energy applies to each farm. Said differently, your energy is not splitted equally among farms. Does it clarify the situation?

I moved your topic in the General Discussions section as it better suits this category.


Thank you for clarification as i was mexicaly misunderstood. I was thinking some farms have too much energy and other needs it.

So maybe about asseting mex energy.
It would become dirrigeable, borrowable or rentable and maybe more.

Plus it would bring customization into xechange’s strategics.

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