EgldMEXFL POOL Dilemma

For all pools, the newly added FL tokens, such as UTKEGLDFL, are added to the existing tokens in the pool so that there is only one position in the pool and this grows as soon as the liquidity is increased.

I wonder why this is not the case with the EGLDMEXFL token.

I now have two positions in the pool.
Which is very unfortunate because only the largest position in the pool gets the Boost Award.

Now I have to unstake both positions again so that I have
another position and then take it back into the pool so that I have one big position.

That’s really inconvenient.

Can’t you make it better so that it adds up automatically like the other pools?

Hi @cryptojiin

Welcome on the xExchange Agora!

For EGLDMEXFL, it should also be auto-merged. Is one of your 2 positions containing LKMEX?

And regarding the boosting, in xExchange v3, there won’t be this limitation anymore. You will be able to boost all your positions in a farm.