xExchange Lottery

Hello! I think it would be great if we have a lottery like pancakeswap, it is a great way of creating buying pressure for MEX and locking/burning part of the supply.
Pancakeswap lottery burns 20% of the prize pool on every draw, but we can make it more fair and with no “house edge” for all participants. We can give 100% of the prize pool to the winners, without burning, but locking them for 4 years, it still lowers the circulating supply of mex which is what matters.
We can even put xexchange leagues to work and give small discount for ticket purchases depending on your league, higher league the bigger the discount. Over time a lot of supply will be locked or even burned because there will be probably winners that want to unlock even for 80% fee.
We can put it to vote how we want the prizes to be paid, we can choose if we burn 20% like pancakeswap does or lock the rewards for 4 years or maybe 1 year… maybe if we burn 20% and the rewards are unlocked there will be more participants, not sure… Nonetheless it will be a fun thing for the community to do and should bring decent amount of transactions aswell, cant really see downsides.
For more info on how pancakeswap lottery works you can read here:


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Lottery is a cool idea indeed! Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!