The strongest advertising weapon of xmex!

Hello team! I wanted to point out on what can be the strongest advertising for xmex and xexchange in general. It’s not metabonding. A 13 - 15% return is not why someone would lock their funds for 4 years, when they can stake their egld for just 10 days for ~10% return , and egld is more scarce than xmex as well. Metabonding serves just as an incentive till more projects come to Multiversx and more swaps happen, from users using these projects.Therefore the strongest weapon is the fees pool so please focus all your advertising effort on promoting that. Also these fees pool need to be as atractive as possible because they represent the real yield that xmex investors can make realistic profit predictions depending on their league. Thanks.


I support this thread ! Entirely ! The focus should be on the fees received by XMEX holders !!


Thank you very much @rotnisi for your feedback! Totally agree! :pray:

There are a few things on this subject that we explore:

  1. All fees being used to buyback & burn MEX (and not just for some pairs).

  2. Point 1 would then help to automatically activate buyback & burn on all pairs.

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Looking forward to that. A strong mex will incentivise liquidity providers. More liquidity will bring less slipage and incentivise more trading on xexchange and xportal. Making Mex a strong asset should be our first priority.