Meta-Learning: Engaging a community through education & exploration

TL;DR: Enable MultiversX projects to create educational reward campaigns on xExchange. Similar to Coinbase’s ‘Learning Rewards’.

Education, awareness and engagement are commonly faced challenges within crypto based projects and products. MultiversX and the products built on its protocol are no different in this regard. Oftentimes core concepts can be hard to grasp initially, or particular features can remain relatively unknown.

To aid in tackling this, some forward thinking services have introduced incentivised learning to their platforms. A well known and successful example of this is Coinbase ‘Learning Rewards’.

I propose that xExchange could emulate something similar for tokens exclusively within the MultiversX ecosystem. A place to discover new products, their new features and develop greater understanding of the wider ecosystem; all whilst being rewarded for doing so - Meta-learning.

The benefits of a protocol/product creating a meta-learning campaign is multifold: creating engagement, simplifying concepts, introducing new features/updates and distributing native tokens to relevant parties. Collectively, these benefits can strengthen a brand and bridge the gaps between a product and its audience.

For eligibility to create a meta-learning campaign:

  • Already approved and accepted by the community to the metabonding program (details on how a decentralised governance system for this is specified in a previous post, here)

Purposes for Meta-learning could be:

  • Brand awareness & promotions
  • New features being launched
  • Explaining difficult content/concepts
  • Defining useful strategies utilising their products

Each meta-learning campaign would showcase an aspect, concept or feature of the respective project through imagery, video, text, or any combination of these. Followed by a simple questionnaire ensuring the participant has understood the information. Only by completing the questionnaire correctly is an individual eligible for the token reward. Additionally, there would be a timeframe that the campaign runs for, and subsequently can be participated in.

Creating a meta-learning campaign would be through a standardised process of filling out a template, ensuring a cohesive experience to the end user. This template would collate necessary information such as: token allocation, campaign duration, start date, media (imagery/video) questionnaire & answers.

Campaigns would then feature on the xExchange dashboard, engaging directly with its users in an accessible and visual way.

The token allocation of each campaign would need to be calculated separately for each league within xExchange (exact proportions would need research). As an example, it could be something like this:

  • Edison: 30%
  • Faraday: 30%
  • Ohm: 28%
  • Newton: 10%
  • Tesla: 2%

Every individual league participant would then receive an equal portion of that specific leagues token allocation upon their successful completion the meta-learning campaign, based on the total number of individuals that participated within that league.


(These numbers are purely illustrative and not representative)

Project XYZ allocates 10,000 XYZ tokens for their meta-learning campaign

3,000 (30%) go to Edison league
3,000 (30%) to Faraday
2,800 (28%) to Ohm
1,000 (10%) to Newton
200 (2%) to Tesla

3,000 participants in Edison league
2,000 in Faraday
1,000 in Ohm
100 in Newton
10 participants in Tesla

Equating to:

1 XYZ token for Edison participants
1.5 XYZ for Faraday
2.8 XYZ for Ohm
10 XYZ for Newton
20 XYZ for Tesla

Make note, higher league participants will receive larger rewards individually, despite with each higher tier receiving proportionally less of the total tokens allocated, due to each leagues population size (and presumed participation rate). Energy leagues on xExchange would thusly have additional purpose - the higher league you are in, the higher rewards you are likely to receive from meta-learning. Encouraging xExchange users to climb the leagues to access these rewards.

It could work like this:

  1. Project XYZ has developed a new feature on their dApp
  2. Having successfully been accepted to metabonding, Project XYZ can create meta-learning campaigns
  3. Project XYZ internally creates materials that explain their new innovative feature using the guidance in the application process
  4. Fills out template, including uploading any visual materials and submits for review
  5. MultiversX/xExchange team reviews & approves the campaign
  6. Added to the roster of meta-learning campaigns on the xExchange dashboard
  7. Users participate in campaign until duration elapses
  8. Reward distributions calculated based on league and participation rate
  9. Tokens disbursed via smart contract to eligible participants

A further idea/development could be to have on-chain tasks relevant to the project/token. Examples could be performing a swap or voting in a DAO. Doing so opens the opportunity to generate more direct engagement for projects and hands on learning experiences for users.

In closing, xExchange could develop beyond merely just an exchange, but become a gateway for learning and discovery on MultiversX via meta-learning.


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@x89 Very interesting thoughts shared here! :pray:

My main question here is: What’s the work that will be needed on xExchange side? For each new project in the meta-learning program, would there be additional work needed from xExchange side? (e.g. to create a new meta-learning campaign for each new project)?

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