[xEIP Draft] Creation of a Strategic Fund

Can we have both strategic funds for the team/community and charity funds with the list of voted charity or by scheduled (e.g., UNICEF, Autism, Typhoon relief goods, contingency funds, or alike) Let’s make it simple and helpful as well. “Always be a blessing to others”


I have to advise my wife every 4 weeks to login.
She’s just not that into crypto.

Automate it or I’ll have to “move” her Funds to my wallet just to manage.

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In xExchange v3 will come the possibility to get your rewards auto-claimed!


Hi Lucas,

This is a really great xEIP.
There is strong potential for the development of the ecosystem (xExchange and MultiversX in general)

There is any news about xExchange v3 to be able to bring this xEip to the vote ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mathis, yes, it should come to vote after v3 launch :eyes:

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