MEX Trading Pairs

Hello guys,

I’ve noticed a challenge this adoption of MEX for all of us and I’d like to share my thoughts on it. When the team introduced a new token called MEX, I became concerned about how it might complicate the process of introducing people to blockchain and the new financial system. It seemed like using EGLD and MEX could become confusing or might struggle to find a clear purpose in the world.

When I first learned about cryptocurrencies, I found the idea really exciting. I wondered if this could be the revolutionary new financial system that’s unbreakable due to its technology. I think Satoshi had a similar vision—a single coin for the world that can be used universally and can’t be manipulated or “printed.” So, since Bitcoin, EGLD was created and evolve a lot, opened many doors and with its advanced technology, it has the potential to support the new world economy effectively. From thousands of blockchains, until now I couldn’t find any other better blockchain than MultiversX. We all want a coin that’s versatile and can be used in various situations. However, to achieve this, we don’t need more and more coins.

MultiversX already has numerous coins and will continue to create more with each new project. The core team currently manages three coins: EGLD, MEX, and UTK. My idea is simple: just one coin. I would use EGLD for everything—to buy things IRL (supermarkets, groceries, car, house, etc.), NFTs, in the Metaverse, pay fees for exchanges, rewards for farming, and more. Instead of struggling to find use cases for MEX, we could simplify things by using EGLD instead. I would suggest to burn all the MEX and use EGLD for all purposes: rewarding people from farms in EGLD, using it for fees, Metastaking and in all partnerships with other businesses. Essentially, one coin that serves all our needs—a new form of money known to every person on the planet. That’s how I envision adoption. Just think about it for a moment.

Even though new coins will continue to be created on various blockchains because people want to become wealthy, we can still have a true and versatile coin used for everything, and that’s EGLD!